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E.g., 07/04/2020
E.g., 07/04/2020


20a-1 Presentation: Workplan Update
Download (208.32 KB)
10 Presentation: Santa Cruz County Water Resources (Mike Cloud)
Download (11.63 MB)
9b Baseline and More
Download (683.26 KB)
15a Presentation: CA Water Rights Law 101
Download (1.16 MB)
15a-1 Presentation: Consolidated Alternatives (Stratus)
Download (233.47 KB)
Misc. Presentation: Portfolio Considerations
Download (4.4 MB)
16b Presentation: Nonpotable/Potable Reuse: Rough Triple Bottom Line Illustration
Download (926.32 KB)
16a-1 Presentation: Scenarios Analysis Process (Stratus)
Download (2.04 MB)
16a-1 Presentation: Reliability Values - WSAC Mtg September 2014
Download (1.24 MB)
16b-1 Handout: Risk Packet
Download (517.12 KB)