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E.g., 02/22/2019
E.g., 02/22/2019


Joint Study Session: Portfolio 2
Download (589.64 KB)
Graphics: Draft of Portfolio 1
Download (2.25 MB)
3 Recycled for DPR 20 July Final Draft
Download (212.49 KB)
4-10a Build a Portfolio Form
Download (48.75 KB)
5b Gantt Chart, Decision Nodes
Download (31.35 KB)
Appendix 1: Santa Cruz Demand Forecast Draft Final Report
Download (1.2 MB)
4c Pt. 1/5 Copy of Alts. Summary Table Demand Side Alts.
Download (139.45 KB)
4b Analysis of Revised Interim Demand Forecasts
Download (344.57 KB)
4a Summary of Florida Everglades ASR
Download (32.94 KB)
Joint Study Session: Portfolio 3
Download (594.2 KB)