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E.g., 07/04/2020
E.g., 07/04/2020


5 Recycled to Seawater Barrier 20 July Final Draft
Download (200.17 KB)
4-10c Poster of Timeline
Download (32.48 KB)
5d Committee Cover Letter Conveying Agreement and Recommendations
Download (83.39 KB)
Appendix 2: City Staff Overview of the Santa Cruz Water System
Download (752.49 KB)
4c Pt. 3/5 CA-08 CA-17 & CA-19 (Possible Storage) Draft Summaries
Download (327.54 KB)
5b 10 year CIP
Download (70.06 KB)
4a-2 Handout: Copy of Portfolio Results, Final
Download (56.44 KB)
7c Copy of Spreadsheet of Committee Ratings July 2015
Download (200.28 KB)
Graphics: Draft of Portfolio 4
Download (5.2 MB)
6 IPR Recycled Convert DPR 20 July Final Draft
Download (192.88 KB)