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E.g., 02/21/2019
E.g., 02/21/2019


Misc. Document: Factors that May Affect Costs | Text for Footnote in Appendix 8
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Appendix 2: Stratus - Background Info on Climate Variability and Extended Drought
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4c Notice of Cancellation - WSAC Mtg Sep 2014
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4c Pt. 4/5 CA-09 CA-16 & CA-18 (Increase Storage) Draft Summaries
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4a-3 Handout: Portfolio Summary June 2015
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Joint Study Session: City Council Summary
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7d Instructions and Ground Rules for Thursday Committee Discussions
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Portfolio Definitions: 4c Portfolio 1 In-Lieu IPR
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7 DW Desal 20 July Final Draft
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4-20b Portfolio 20 Implementation Protocol
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