Committee Members

Sarah Mansergh

Sarah Mansergh, Water Supply Advisory Committee

Sarah is representing the Surfrider Foundation Santa Cruz Chapter on the WSAC. She is the current co-chair of the chapter and acts in many capacities to fulfill their mission to protect and enjoy our ocean, waves and beaches. Sarah is excited to draw from her diverse background in marine microbiology, water quality, aquatic life support system design, education, green gardening, landscape irrigation and her love for most things having to do with water to come up with a sustainable solution for Santa Cruz’s water supply. When not in one of numerous entertaining meetings or at a local beach you can find her writing new recipes or exploring worldwide destinations.

Sid Slatter

Sid Slatter, Water Supply Advisory Committee

Sid is representing the Santa Cruz County Business Council on the WSAC. Sid is President of the family owned business Slatter Construction Inc. and is both a licensed General Building and Engineering Contractor. The company is based in Santa Cruz and is in its 30th year of operation. Sid is a 4th generation Santa Cruzan and when he's not working or in WSAC meetings he's enjoying the outdoors as an avid sportsman.

Mark Mesiti-Miller

Mark Mesiti-Miller, Water Supply Advisory Committee

Mark represents the Santa Cruz Area Chamber of Commerce (SCACC) on the WSAC. He is president of Mesiti-Miller Engineering Inc., an award winning civil and structural design engineering firm serving the central coast community for more than 25 years. The firm designs buildings, bridges, coastal structures, solar support systems and public facilities such as parks. Besides the WSAC, he presently serves as chair of the City’s Planning Commission and is active with the SCACC, serving on their Board of Directors and Community Affairs Committee. As an engineer, Mark loves solving problems and the water supply problem is delightfully challenging and incredibly important. He is particularly concerned about the native fish populations in our North Coast streams and providing an adequate, sustainable and reliable water supply for now and the future. He is honored the City appointed him to this committee and will give this appointment his focused attention. He is also an amateur astronomer with a keen interest in astrophysics so you might find him checking out the night sky in one of our late evening meetings.

Erica Stanojevic

Erica Stanojevic, Water Supply Advisory Committee

Erica Stanojevic is honored to represent the Sierra Club on the WSAC. Her goals for the water committee include ensuring adequate water supply for coho salmon and steelhead trout for years to come. She is currently a homemaker with a young son who keeps her quite busy. Previously, Erica, worked as an elementary school teacher for five years in San Jose. Her skills in education, plus her biology degree that she received from UCSC, make her excited about the chance to help communicate and deliberate the best water practices with the Santa Cruz community. When not raising her son I’m likely to be found biking or dancing.

David Baskin

David Baskin, Water Supply Advisory Committee

David Baskin represents and is chairperson of the SC Water Commission. He is founder of BaskinGrant law firm. Prior to retirement he represented clients in civil matters, both litigation and non-litigation. He was a continuing education panelist in the areas of Mediation, Arbitration, and the Use of Experts in Litigation. He has served as a private mediator, arbitrator and Judge Pro Tempore for the Santa Cruz County Superior Court. Mr. Baskin achieved Martindale Hubbell's highest peer rating, AV.

Mr. Baskin served five years on the SC City Parks and Recreation Commission, 2 as chairperson. He coached soccer for over 10 years and served on the Board of Directors of SC City Youth Soccer Club as sponsor coordinator. He is a member of the ACLU, Sierra Club, and a founding board member of MBOSC. Outside of the WSAC David’s interests include hockey, movies, media, politics, food, wine, travel, playing guitar, and enjoying his family that spans 3 generations.

Mike Rotkin

Mike Rotkin, Water Supply Advisory Committee

Mike Rotkin serves on the WASC as a representative of the Sustainable Water Coalition, a citizens’ group that supports the City’s Integrated Water Plan (conserve, curtail in droughts, and create a new supply so curtailment can be kept at or below 15%). Mike is a former five-time Mayor of the City of Santa Cruz, served six terms on the Santa Cruz City Council, and he recently retired from teaching in the Community Studies program at UCSC where he was the Director of the Field Study Program. Now that the City has decided to reopen the water supply discussion (backing away from the earlier commitment to desalination), Mike is excited to be working with a group committed to finding a consensus solution to meeting our community’s need for a water supply that is feasible, adequate, sustainable, and cost effective. Mike is an avid ocean kayaker and thinks he can play guitar.

Sue Holt

Sue Holt, Water Supply Advisory Committee

Sue represents the unincorporated-area users of City water on the WSAC.  She came to Santa Cruz during the 1970s’ drought to teach environmental economics and statistics at UCSC.  She enjoyed teaching too much to get tenure, so she spent the next three decades teaching at Cabrillo until retirement.  One of her teaching interests was to showcase the varieties of collaboration that communities develop for natural resource protection.   Key factors in community-based resource protection include transparency, accountability, and a sense that everyone’s concerns are addressed.  She feels fortunate to collaborate with her 13 colleagues on the WSAC.  Sue also, occasionally, consults on residential water use to the Soquel Creek Water District.   Her outdoor adventures have included rowing the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon a couple times.  Sue had also made changes in her own home and thinks the best thing about switching her garden to natives (besides conserving water) is the amazing bird and butterfly show.

David Stearns

David is a 25 year resident of Santa Cruz who has lived elsewhere and traveled enough to know how lucky we all are to call this part of the planet home. As a young professional planning to raise a family in Santa Cruz, David takes seriously the need for a safe, reliable and sustainable water supply. He also serves on the City of Santa Cruz Water Commission.

Dana Jacobson

Dana Jacobson

Dana is participating on the Committee as a city resident and is excited about the chance to shape our community’s future and at the same time bring his personal and professional interests closer together.  He was drawn to the Committee because he sees it as an opportunity to reexamine current paradigms in water supply planning and to contribute to a viable and realistic solution for Santa Cruz’s water supply challenge.  He has been working in the field of water resources management in various capacities for over 12 years and has experience in water supply and infrastructure planning, water supply contracts, water transfer and exchange agreements, water rights, water conservation, retail and wholesale water rates, groundwater regulatory enforcement, and State and federal water policy.  And while civic engagement is fun, Dana would rather be whitewater kayaking!

Charlie Keutmann

Charlie Keutmann

Charlie serves as an at-large City of Santa Cruz resident on the WSAC. His wife and he have owned and operated The Garden Company Nursery and Gift Shop, on the west side, since 1986. Previously, Charlie worked in Manufacturing Engineering for 7 years in the aluminum and electronics industries. He also has a B.S. in Environmental Science and a Bachelors of Landscape Architecture. As owners of a home and business in Santa Cruz Charlie and his wife have a vested interest in the ability of our water supply to sustain the quality of life and economic stability of our community. He takes public service seriously with previous experience on City advisory bodies including, the Water Commission, the Mission Street Design Advisory Committee, and the General Plan Advisory Committee. For fun, Charlie mountain bikes frequently in the beautiful greenbelt surrounding our city and hosts a weekly radio garden report on KSCO with Rosemary Chalmers, Friday mornings at 8:15.

Doug Engfer

Doug Engfer, Water Supply Advisory Committee

Doug acts as a Santa Cruz city resident and a citizen member of the WSAC. A fifth-generation native of the area, Doug raised his family in Santa Cruz. He gets outdoors as much as possible to swim, run, ski, backpack, snowshoe, or cycle; He also supports the arts (long-time board member of Shakespeare Santa Cruz), responsible local government, and stewardship of the Earth.

Doug is an entrepreneur from a family of entrepreneurs, with more than 25 years of executive leadership experience, focused on building productive organizations that expand their customers' top-line revenue. Most recently, Doug co-founded invivodata, serving as President, CEO, and Board Chair. invivodata permanently changed pharmaceutical clinical research by pioneering the direct collection of valid, reliable patient self-report data. Before that, he co-founded The Windward Group, a Los Gatos / Santa Cruz software development services firm. Notable Windward successes include the Palm® organizer, FedEx® Ship™ and Apple's QuickTime®.

Peter Beckmann

Peter Beckman, Water Supply Advisory Committee

Peter represents Think Local First on the WSAC. Peter was born and raised in Heidelberg, Germany. After a traditional four-year apprenticeship in the hospitality industry in Austria, Peter lived several years in France and Mexico before settling in California. In November 1985, he founded Beckmann's Old World Bakery, where he currently serves as President on the Board of Directors. His civic engagement includes 8 years on the City of Santa Cruz’s Transportation Commission and a Board position with Think Local First, where he has served as co-chair since 2007. Peter's academic career includes an AA from Cabrillo College, two BAs in Philosophy and International Economics from UCSC, and two semesters of graduate studies in Economics. Peter is a novice beekeeper, an enthusiastic gardener, and his favorite place to hang out is in the high Sierras. He has also been seen playing carols on his accordion in his neighborhood around the Holidays.

Rick Longinotti

Rick Longinotti, Water Supply Advisory Committee

Rick is the representative of Santa Cruz Desal Alternatives on the WSAC. He is a former electrical contractor who used to look for ways that my clients could reduce energy consumption. Now I'm looking for ways my city can avoid the big energy impact of desalination. I would like our city to resolve its water challenges in a way that doesn't negatively impact future generations. Rick currently works as a marriage and family therapist and teacher with Nonviolent Communication Santa Cruz.

Greg Pepping

Greg Pepping, Water Supply Advisory Committee

Greg is representing the Coastal Watershed Council (CWC) on the WSAC. As the Executive Director of CWC, Greg oversees all operations at the organization, bringing his passion for all things related to water to this local nonprofit. He first realized the importance of water quality and public health issues as a Peace Corps volunteer in Uganda, and carried that drive into his graduate research, developing novel water treatment technologies and earning an MS in Environmental Chemistry & Technology with a focus on water chemistry at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He also serves as Vice Chair to the Santa Cruz County Commission on the Environment. In 2014 Greg won a local NEXTie award for his formation and leadership of CWC’s San Lorenzo River Alliance, a project launched in 2013 to reconnect Santa Cruz to this key river - so that we all recognize its value as a drinking water source, destination for recreation, key habitat for listed species, as well as playing a critical role in flood protection and public safety, economic vitality and our local quality of life.