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E.g., 06/18/2024

Water Reuse

Collignon Report on Water Reuse
Download (1.92 MB)
NAS 2012 Report on Water Reuse
Download (10.06 MB)
Monitoring Strategies for Recycled Water-Recs of an SAP
Download (2.35 MB)
Review of CA's Recycling Criteria for Ag Irrigation
Download (2.62 MB)
Direct Potable Reuse: A Path Forward
Download (4.27 MB)
The Opportunities and Economics of Direct Potable Reuse
Download (1.08 MB)
Urban Net-Zero Water Treatment and Mineralization: Experiments, Modeling and Design
Download (781.82 KB)

Long-term water conservation plan

Baseline water survey
Download (6.07 MB)

Water planning

2010 Urban Water Management Plan, December 2011
Download (16.02 MB)
Water Curtailment Study Final Report, February 2001
Download (4.55 MB)