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The WSAC'S initial call for proposals received over 80 separate ideas from 50 submitters by July 28th, 2014. With such a wealth of submissions, a public forum was designed to allow the best chance for one-on-one interactions with presenters by both the public and WSAC members.  The Santa Cruz Water Supply Convention "Our Water, Our Future" was held on October 16th, 2014 where 50 of these ideas were shared with attendees who had an opportunity to review the submissions and provide feedback.  An online forum hosted by Civinomics allowed for further engagement and as a result reached nearly 2000 community members.  These outlets allowed the public a glimpse of the WSAC process and to see some of the challenges and opportunities that the members of the committee are addressing throughout our work plan.  Moving forward we are consolidating overlapping concepts to create "consolidated categories" for us to work with in our future scenarios.  This allows us to analyze some of the key technical information that is consistent between multiple ideas and use that to assess our future water supply portfolio.   Here you will find links to all of the ideas submitted thus far and as we move forward the consolidated concepts and solution portfolios.  Please read through these and participate in the decision making process at our meetings (click here) or online comments (click here).


Click here to view a spreadsheet containing all of the submissions. This document will be updated periodically (last updated: 2/27/15).

Click here to view a document containing all of the pre-Convention submissions (received by July 28, 2014).